Vertical SBX IP


You don’t need to to be big to take advantage of advanced VoIP technology. You just need Vertical SBX IP, the cost-effective system that makes VoIP affordable and easy to install. So now your small business can communicate and collaborate like never before.

Vertical SBX IP
Vertical IP Phone

Slash your time to success

SBX IP delivers complete VoIP capability in one converged, compact package, helping your organization immediately become more nimble, more productive, and ultimately, more profitable.

Robust telephony features

SBX IP provides hundreds of telephony features. Features like Call Forward, SMDR, VoIP, Internal/External Paging and Least Cost Routing.
The converged communications system for small businesses who think big.

More than a phone system, the Vertical SBX IP gives you the same level of communications applications and business benefits typically reserved for large enterprises.

The Vertical SBX IP system has the scalability to accommodate up to 48 users and lets you network up to 72 sites. Thousands of small businesses worldwide already enjoy SBX IP’s big business benefits, such as:

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  • Uniform call distribution, including call center functionality, agent wrap-up and supervisor functions
  • Hands-free Park and Page to hold calls while paging the recipient, rather than directly going to voicemail or utilizing the receptionist
  • SOS Paging, providing pre-recorded messages for emergency notifications
  • Multi-party conferencing for up to three groups and/or 15 parties
  • Multiple tenant groups so you can partition groups by department
  • Optional voicemail with integrated auto attendant for professional greetings
  • Softphone capability lets mobile workers use a PC as a full-featured phone
  • Hot desking
  • Linked pairs allows a station to pair with another station and appear as a single extension number (SBX IP supports up to 13 pairs)
  • EZphone desktop call manager lets users power dial, manage conference calls and simply double-click to call a contact
  • One-touch call recording for more accurate customer orders, compliance initiatives and training
  • Availability of door box with call button for office/warehouse/residential applications
  • CTI with Microsoft® Outlook™ address book integration (via EZphone application)
  • Simple system administration via PC software, digital phone, modem, or LAN
  • Detailed SMDR reporting integrates with accounting and other management applications
  • VoIP ( SIP) trunking reduces expenses and provides flexibility
  • Easily network with Vertical MBX IP platforms
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