On-Hold Messaging and Marketing

60% of callers will hang up without on-hold music or messaging
Is your customer calling experience costing you business?

The Spectrio on-hold messaging and marketing difference

Don't Lose Business

Over 70% of business phone callers are put on hold. Without on-hold messaging or music, the majority will hang up and take their business elsewhere.

Make More Sales

Surveys show that 15% to 20% of phone callers make purchases based on information they heard on hold.

Choose Spectrio

Spectrio’s professional productions, simple setups and easy updates make us the ideal choice for your on-hold marketing, music and messaging needs. We work with any phone system!

On-Hold Messaging

Your on-hold message is often your first impression to your callers. Make it memorable and build trust with professionally developed on-hold productions recorded by Spectrio.

Tailored to Your Industry
Our library of on-hold messages contains samples recorded for nearly every industry imaginable, from accounting to dentistry to tire and repair shops. Looking for something unique? We can easily write and record a custom on-hold message for you using trained voice talent that’s perfect for your brand.
Tailored to Your Business
Reinforce your brand, promote add-ons, additional services, and specials while your customers wait. Save your employees’ valuable time by using on-hold messaging to share basic information, like your hours, then end with a call-to-action and complete the sale.
Tailored to Your Needs
With Spectrio, you can choose your update schedule and let us take care of the rest. We’ll make sure your customers always hear your latest promotions, specials, and company info.

On-Hold Messaging

By using top-tier voice talent and high-quality production, we deliver professional-grade on-hold messaging and marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Industry-Specific Tracks
Represent your brand professionally and accurately with on-hold messaging tailored to your industry and to your needs.
On-Hold Voice Artist Tracks
Select the perfect voice of your brand from our extensive library of voice talent and greet your customers with a professionally produced on-hold message.
On-Hold Music Tracks
The right music blended with right voice can make all the difference in a successful on-hold production. Spectrio offers a wide variety of music styles and genres to choose from.
Auto-Attendant/IVR Tracks
Put customers at ease with an IVR or phone auto-attendant system that is helpful, professional and easy to use.

On-Hold Music

On-hold music is proven to keep your customers on the line longer and reduce their perceived wait time. With 70% of business phone callers being put on hold, choosing the right music on hold for your brand is vital for long-term success.

All Genres Available
Staying on-brand means choosing the right genre for your hold music. Our vast library of on-hold music contains every genre imaginable, from classical to techno and even holiday hits.
Professional Quality Production
Our high-quality production capabilities mean that your music will be expertly blended with messaging from top-tier voice talent for an elevated brand experience.
No Licensing Issues
Don’t risk legal issues – choose an on-hold music provider with fully licensed and specially mastered productions like Spectrio.

Auto Attendants and IVR

Auto Attendants and IVRs route calls to the appropriate department and ensure that calls are answered professionally and promptly, without the need for a human resource.

Answer Every Call 24/7/365
When you miss customer calls, you lose business. With a Spectrio auto-attendant, you can serve every single customer who calls without the expense of hiring an answering service.
Professional Quality Production
Your auto-attendant represents your company. With Spectrio, you’ll get world-class production and service, ensuring that your attendant is both helpful and professional.
Setup In Minutes
Installing your auto-attendant is easier than you might think. Let Spectrio handle the production, install and the updates so you don’t have to.


The #1 choice for an all-in-one phone solution. VoIP allows you to communicate no matter where you are.

Call From Anywhere, Reliably
With VOIP, you can make calls from anywhere on the globe. Unlike traditional phone systems, VOIP is also protected from power outages, natural disasters and other emergencies that might compromise your phone service.
Encrypted For Security
Spectrio’s VOIP service uses encryption to ensure that your calls are secure, no matter where you’re calling from.
Elevated Call Quality
Our VOIP system is workable with a wide variety of networks and consistently delivers crystal-clear call quality, no matter the circumstance.
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