Collaboration — UC&C platform for business communication

More efficiency: Save up to 25% of time spent on daily operations
and start focusing entirely on your revenue

Thanks to unified communications and collaboration tools, your employees can save up to 25% of their time spent on daily communication tasks (2 hours per employee per day). You can reduce time-wasting activities and focus on sales and other tasks that increase your company’s revenue.

However, not all UC&C systems are the same. What prevents you from seeing profitable results from your unified communications solution in terms of productivity and efficiency?

  • Too difficult: When employees can’t start using the new UC&C software right away, it leads to a high abandonment rate.
  • Not web-based: UC&C software must be installed and updated by IT professionals. This makes it especially difficult for people working from home.
  • Not unified: You need to use different applications/software for video conferencing, group chats and video calls.

How is Wildix Collaborationdifferent from other UC solutions?

Collaboration is a web-based tool for business communication that enables teams to work together efficiently. It brings all your real-time communications tools together in one place: chat, audio calls, video calls, video conferencing and much more. Thanks to Wildix Collaboration, colleagues and departments located in different parts of the world can work together as a team.

Unlike other UCaaS solutions, Wildix Collaboration is:


Easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use, and no end-user training is required.

Fully web-based

Fully web-based with native support for WebRTC to enable audio and video calls from the browser without additional software installation.

Truly unified

Truly unified, enabling you to manage all your communication tasks from the same user interface, including group chats and video conferencing.

Native Support for WebRTC

Wildix was the first vendor to entirely integrate WebRTC into a VoIP UCaaS platform. Your web browser can work as a phone, enabling you to place and manage calls from Wildix Collaboration. All of that is possible out of the box, without the need to install any client or component.

Fully Web-Based Secure-By-Design UCaaS Platform

Users can access the system from any device connected to the Internet, via the browser, whether they’re in the office, at home or on the go. All of that, plus complete security.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Wildix offers mobile apps for business communication, enabling your teams to stay connected and productive even while outside the office. The employees can use the app on their personally owned iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Smart Working and WFH

Wildix UC&C solutions let your remote teams and those working from home to stay 100% productive, collaborate with colleagues and communicate with customers in the same way as from the office.

Discover How Simple Wildix Collaboration Is:

Cloud VoIP System and UCaaS Solutions

Wildix is an industry leader in delivering unified communications as a service and communications in the cloud. Unlike other UC&C vendors, Wildix offers a reliable and solid VoIP system that features total compatibility with the cloud across all our software and devices. In addition, any of our solutions can be rolled out as a service.

Wildix’s UCaaS solutions model is fully scalable. Your organization can change the number of licenses at any time, without interrupting your daily workflow.
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