VoIP phones & headsets

A desk phone is not just an office fixture — it’s a powerful tool. The more comfortable and intuitive that tool is, the more productive you and your employees will be.

From managing call centers to working from a hot desk, our extensive line of VoIP phones has just what you need for every role in your business.
Find yours now.


Prime business IP handset with WiFi, Bluetooth, touchscreen and removable webcam that’s stylish and designed with C-suite in mind.


VoIP Reception desk phone with WiFi, Bluetooth and two additional screens that helps receptionists and operators manage high call volumes.


Entry-level IP business phone for common areas and other shared spaces.


VoIP desk phone with color display, presence and USB port.


Ergonomic IP business phone with WiFi, Bluetooth and presence that lets customer-facing workers take calls in comfort and style.


IP video phone with WiFi, Bluetooth, 7-inch color display and webcam that’s ideal for managing teams.

SuperVision - Prime Business VoIP phone

Oversee and manage your business with the executive desk phone that gives you up-to-date information on demand.

Equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen display and removable webcam, SuperVision is ideal for senior managers looking for instant access to video conferencing, employee presence and wallboards, ensuring you stay on top of every aspect of your business.

Flexible and customizable

SuperVision runs on Android, giving you the flexibility to connect third-party apps, while its 120 easy-to-use BLF keys simplify monitoring colleagues and managing calls. Additionally, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI connections allow you to quickly set up your phone and add nearly any device, providing you with everything you need to communicate in comfort and style.

WelcomeConsole 5 - Reception VoIP handset

Make managing high call volumes and colleagues a breeze with the desk phone that puts you at the center of communications.

Built with call centers and front desks in mind, WelcomeConsole comes with a large display and not one, but two built-in expansion screens, allowing you to check parked calls and employee availability at a glance.

Control all calls from one place

With a total of 106 BLF keys and 42 visible at all times, WelcomeConsole makes it quick and easy to manage calls and find the right person the first time. For added comfort and convenience, the phone comes ready to connect to any Bluetooth headset.

Start 5 - Entry-level IP handset

Make calling quick, simple and easy for everyone.

Perfect for shared spaces, Start 5 is a sleek, wall-mountable phone with 4 BLF keys, allowing anyone to effectively transfer and manage calls with ease.

Simple and convenient

WorkForce 5 - Standard business VoIP phone

Keep on top of your calls with the perfect desktop sidekick.

Manage calls efficiently

Intuitive to use with 21 BLF keys and a color display, WorkForce has everything you need to manage calls efficiently. Instantly see a caller’s name and picture and view your colleagues’ presence just by checking the screen. And with a USB port, you can quickly connect a WiFi, Bluetooth or 5G dongle, providing you with flexibility to work from anywhere.

ForcePro 5 - High-end IP phone for office

Helping you face customers like a pro.

Handle calls in comfort

Put customers first without sacrificing comfort. With ForcePro’s large, adjustable screen and 45 BLF keys, customer-facing workers can quickly see who’s available and manage calls efficiently. The phone comes ready to connect to WiFi and Bluetooth for quick setup and the option to use the headset of your choice.

Vision - IP video phone

Manage your calls, and your teams, directly from your desk phone.

Video calls straight from your desk phone

Ideal for managers, Vision’s 7-inch screen and 120 BLF keys allow you to see each employee’s status while directing and supervising calls. And since it comes with a webcam included, you can join video conferences from your desktop without any additional equipment.

Headsets and VoIP Phone Accessories

MonoLED Bluetooth Headset

DuoLED Wired Headset

Give the green light

Instantly signal to your colleagues when you’re available with Wildix’s lineup of headsets with user presence status indicators. Perfect for both office and remote working, these indicators automatically change from green to red when you’re on a call, limiting unwanted interruptions so you can get on with your work.

What’s more, these headsets are completely integrated with the Wildix platform and work with both Wildix desk phones and web applications. So whether you’re in a conference on your laptop or calling from your phone, everyone around you will know you can’t be disturbed.

The LED headsets come in single or double ear versions and connect via wire or Bluetooth.


  • Range: up to 30 meters*
  • Talk time: up to 15 hours*
  • Standby time: up to 20 hours*
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter included
  • Answer, hang up, mute and volume control buttons
  • Status LEDs showing: online, away, DND/in conference, on call, ringing, call held, missed call
  • Table stand included
  • LED user status supported on all Wildix desk phones (except for Start and Start 5)
  • Portable case

*DuoLED and MonoLED Bluetooth headsets only

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