More Than A Chat Widget For Websites

Kite by Wildix takes the next step in improving your customer sales journey. Far more than a live chat widget for websites, Kite gives visitors on your homepage immediate communication with your team as anything from a plugin to an embedded set of contact buttons.

Any questions or concerns customers need addressing, from product information to pricing, you can answer within an intuitively designed chat window — all while keeping them right on your website and without having to use an additional communications tool on your company’s end. Ultimately, Kite helps you sell through better responding to customer needs.

Now, you and your customers can talk in the browser with the best chat and calling solution for websites that’s focused on increasing your sales.

A Communications Revolution for Sales

Kite comes to you from Wildix, the only European UCaaS vendor recognized by Gartner, Forrester and Frost and Sullivan. Wildix revolutionized unified communications by being the first to use WebRTC for a communications solution to work directly in the browser.

Right from its launch, Kite showed businesses around the world the effectiveness and efficiency possible through WebRTC. Today, this award-winning tool goes far beyond a chat widget, serving as a fully customizable customer communications solution directly on your website.

A Sales-Focused Online Chat Widget for Websites & Much More

When visitors to your website have questions, they want to feel seen instantly and get a response quickly. With Kite, your business can give them exactly the service they want, increasing your sales opportunities. It provides live chat as a seamless experience on desktop or mobile devices with no downloads, all on the same page.

Complete your webpage’s live customer service with:

Instant messaging

Voice calls


Screen sharing

File transfer

With Kite, anyone arriving at your website can receive support in the fastest, most convenient way possible. Whatever communication option they prefer, they can make a direct connection and get help with just a click.

Call hand-offs are a breeze, too, as the widget allows representatives to pass visitors to a different colleague. You can even add other decision-makers to any given group session if more help is needed for support.
With this versatile chat widget for websites, customers can spend more time receiving service from real, live people — and your business can spend more time making sales.

Combined with other Wildix solutions, this results in a 52% uplift in your sales funnel.

Create the Best Chat Widget for Your Website

You worked hard to create a site specifically for your business. Why should you settle for a chat plugin for any website at all?

Kite stands apart with a design that’s flexible and customizable enough to fit your webpage’s specific look and layout. Thanks to its HTML format, this business chat client can be tailored to meet the exact look, feel and display you need to provide a cohesive experience. Plus, the API is fully accessible for quick, convenient customization within the source code itself.

Once you get started, you have the power to alter it to fit your specific homepage. Or, go beyond an ordinary chat widget or plugin. If a pop-up window isn’t what works for you, Kite can be designed from the ground up as an embedded part of your website. Have the solution instead on the page as buttons directly part of the site layout, complete with automatically updating fields powered by various integrations with your communications system.

Include as many or as few of these details as you like on each profile. With the customization of the Kite chat widget and its set of free included features, it’s all up to you. Because all this communication happens directly on your website, visitors don’t have to leave for a download or redirect. That helps you reduce bounce rates and increase engagement for a tighter, more reliable growth rate. A full suite of features and total customization — that’s how Kite goes beyond acting as an ordinary business chat client and becomes a chat client for your website.

Start using Kite and customize your contacts list with:

  • User pictures for each agent
  • Availability indicators (online/offline/busy)
  • Geolocation of agents

All Customer Messages in One Place

Using Kite, talking to your customers gets simpler on your team’s end, too. Instead of requiring a separate application to hear from visitors, it routes all incoming chats and calls into the interface for your current Wildix communication tools. This means any on-call agents hear from clients exactly as if they were receiving communications from their colleagues, smoothing out the sales journey.

Kite runs in conjunction with Wildix Collaboration working within the browser. When a visitor sends an instant message via the plugin, that chat comes to designated employees through Collaboration. If visitors place a voice or video call, the alert also will come to them through their main communication app — no switching windows required.

And because Collaboration syncs between devices, company representatives can switch seamlessly from their desktop to their smartphone and back again. Site visitors experience no interruption and communicate with the same profile that they’ve been talking with no matter what device the agent is using.

Those site visitors can switch devices, too. Should they change from their desktop device to a smartphone, they can enter the same site and use Kite on the mobile page. That creates consistent spaces for every conversation, whether users want text, voice calls or video calls.

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